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Good news for Sor Por Gor land owners in Phayao

After the university of Phayao has opened the demand for dormitory and convenience shopping in the areas near by the university, but since the areas are Sor Por Gor land the local government does not have authority to change the land status from agriculture to residential or commercialize

Good news

Mr.Sompong Intrathong the secretary of the Sorporgor and the university of Phayao are surveying a portion of the land for the future growth and does not disturbs the local living

This is one possibility that the Sorporgor land can be changes according to the future growth, but, only the Sorporgor office have authority to changes the zoning not the local authority

July 16,2011; as the news about selling Sor Por Gor land on the internet spread out

P.M. Abhisit Vejjajiva warned of buying Sor Por Gor (or So Po Ko) land on internet, Sor Por Gor land can not legally sell it is against the law

have you ever wonder why such beautiful home on beautiful property selling such low price? may be that property was illegally occupied from forest land or illegally transfer Sor Por Gor land

Dec. 29; the Nation' Counter Corruption commission indicted Mr. Twatchai Anukul (the Registrar officer) and the office staffs of the Land Division in Phuket for fraud

the commission has ordered revoke the title deed

earlier, the commission has investigate the complaint that Mr. Twatchai and its staffs may be wrong-doing by issued title deed to So Cor 1 submitted by Mr. Boonkeng Sisansuchat on nation's forest and Sor Por Gor land for total of more than 362 rai

there are many land frauds such as this case in many other areas around the nation, the proprietor received the title deed then develop the land and then sold them, buying one of property such as this one will end up with a piece of useless paper.

Property on Khao Yai Thiang is Sor Por Gor land it is one of example the law being violated, in this case the property have been changing hand by way of buying or transferring Por Bor Tor 5 (ภ.บ.ท.5) from original occupied which is against law to do so. the Por Bor Tor 5 is not title of ownership but its just a local tax receipt

The 30 rai-plot of privy council Gen. Surayud Chulanont owned by purchased from one of area residents was one of So Po Ko land which is against the law.

Some 40s years ago many people invading forest property on Khao Yai Thiang in Tambon Chan Thuek, Pak Chong district in Nakhon Ratchasima province for agriculture, which is against 1965 law set aside the area as forestry.

On April 29, 1975 the ministers passed the resolution to allocate the area for landless people (including the ones already there) to use as farming no more than 15 rai-plot for each family (14.5 rai for farming .5 rai for living) under condition of So Po Ko land.

in 1995 two of area residents (father in law and son in law) sold their 30 rai to Mr. Noppadon Pithakvanit, according to local tax record Noppadon paid local property tax 1995 - 1997, in 1997 - 2002 the local tax was paid by colonel Suralit Chanthratip, and in 2002 the local tax was paid by colonel Khunying Jitrawadi Chulanont (Surayud's wife)

No authority ever look into the illegal transfer or changing ownership, in Oct.10, 2007 the complaint of forest land encroachment was file by 12 people against (then) the inter-rim Prime Minister Gen. Surayud Chulanont, Agriculture Minister, Minister of Natural resources and Forest Minister.

Nov.16, 2009 the police investigations has concluded not to file charge and the matter send to the attorney for review, the attorney also agreed not to file charge because the property was legally occupied under resolution passed by the ministers in April 29, 1975

In this case Gen. Surayud (rather his wife) not guilty of forest land encroachment and the 3 ministries also off the hook but the land plot may have to give back to government because the government resolution barred the resale or transfer the land.

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