November 2, 2018

Chiang Rai Transit

ไทย ไทย
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City Bus

Chiang Rai City Bux

Chiang Rai City Bus serving Chiang Rai International Airport - Muang district and two bus terminals

1 Chiang Rai International Airport

3 Government Center

4 King Mengrai Statue

7 Bus terminal 1 - Night Bazaar

9 Central Plazar

10 Bus terminal 2

This Blue go north


The Blue Van: This Blue Van serving Chiang Rai Muang district and Mae Sai in place of the Green Van which operate by The Green Bus co. It cost a little more but much more pleasant for about one hours ride

Taxi OK

New Taxi January 2018 Taxi OK in Chiang Rai

Feb. 2, 2018 The Vice ministry of secretary of transport and Chiang Rai Governor deploy 20 Taxi Ok at the Land Transport office

Like Taxi OK in Bangkok the taxi service will ensure better service, fare price and help ensure safety for both passenger and the driver

New bus terminal 1

อาคารสถานีขนส่ง 1 อาคารสถานีขนส่ง 1

The new bus terminal 1 in operation

The new bus terminal 1 has 4 floors, 3 top floors for parking, ground floor for office and bus depot

Travel to Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai does not have railroad (atlease not yet) There are two choice for traveling to Chiang Rai, by Airline or by Bus


Air Asia fly from Don Muang Airport (domestic) phone 05.379.3545, 05.379.8275

ฺBangkok Airways fly from Suvarnaphumi International Airport 1771

Nok Air fly from Don Muang Airport (domestic) phone 1318,

Thai Airways fly from Suvarnaphumi International Airport phone 05.271.1179, 371.5207, 371.5734

Viet Jet fly from Suvanabhumi 02.089.1929

Mae Fah Luang Chiang Rai International Airport phone 05.379.3048 Located 9 Km. north of King Meng Rai statue on highway 5023 or highway 1

map map to airport

Travel out of Chiang Rai airport go to taxi service at the counter inside airport or call 05.377.3477

or take City Bus to Chiang Rai Muang district or Bus terminal 1 or 2

Airline passengers; Chiang Rai International Airport, phone 05.379.8000



Travel by bus - from Bangkok go to Mochit Bus terminal - for information contact The Department of Land Transport

Alternatively, you can also go directly to the bus company , or contact the bust company for advance booking

"Siam First Tour์" 88/56 Thanon Prachanives 1 Lad Yao, Chattuchak, Bangkok, phone 02.954.3601 - 7

"Saombat tour" 23/21 Soi Vibhavadi 11-13, Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 phone 02.792.1444

อู่ "นครชัยแอร์" โทร 02.939.4999


Local traveling

Bus Route by color coding - travel within Province


Sam Lor

Chiang Rai still had Sam Lor about 120 of them for travel within the inner city, have a ride for fun

new bus terminal


Serving the Northern part, such as Mae Sai or Chiang Saen


Tuk Tuk

For a short fides within the district

สถานีขนส่ง 1

Red (or pink)

Serving the Eastern part, such as Phya Mengrai, Toeng


Rod Sang Thaew

The blue color for a short ride within the district,, the red (or dark red) serving between district


Light Blue

Serving the South, such as Phan, Wiang Pa Pao


Weather Forecast

Important Phone

Exchange rates from Central Bank
  • Emergency 191 / 1190
  • Stolen car 1192
  • Hyway Police 1193
  • Water way accident 1196
  • Traffic information 1197
  • Rescue unit 1154
  • Tourist Police 1155
  • Traffic route information 1543
  • Narenthorn emergency health 1669
  • Accident reportุ - Police hospital 1691
Exchange rates from Bank of Thailand Thai Meteorological Department  
For better currency exchange rate goto "Super Rich" Super Rich Chiang Rai located near "Pratu Chiang Mai ่" on Thanalai Road    

Using ATM card for withdraw cash from ATN machine should read the information carefully, you could be draw into accepted the exchange rate from the bank

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