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February 24, 2020
  Chiang Rai Province ไทย



Hailstorm last night (Dec.28) in the areas of Tambon Chan Cha Wa and Chiang Saen district, many Trees and electrical poles are down

effecting automobile travelers on Highway 1016 (Mae Chan - Chiang Saen)

See Chiang Rai Flowers Festival With City Bus

ASEAN Flowers Festival - at Mae Kok Riverside Flowers Park December 25th, 2019 - January 12, 2020

Chiang Rai Flowers Festival - at Suan Tung December 27, 2019 - January 19, 2020

แผนที่ เที่ยวงานดอกไม้

map for travel by City Bus to the Flowers show

1. The Airport

2. Government Center

3. ASEAN Flowers show

4. King Mengrai Statue

5. Chiang Rai Flowers Festival

6. The Clock Tower

7. The Bus Station 1


New Rural Hwy. and Bypass Hwy

ทางเลี่ยงเมือง - ทางหลวงใหม่

New Local Highway- Hwy.1063 from Hwy. 1 - Hwy.1290 (Chiang Saen - Chiang Khong)

Bypass Highway - Hwy. 5023 from Hwy.1 - newly finished Hwy. 1063 - Local Hwy. 1290 (Chiang Saen - Chiang Khong)

Newly finished Bypass Hwy.131 from Hwy.1 - Chiang Rai Airport

  1. Mae Fah Luang University
  2. Baan Daam Museum
  3. Wat Huai Pla Kang
  4. Wat Rong Sua Ten
  5. King Mengrai Monument
  6. Singha Park
  7. Wat Rong Khun
  8. Hot Spring (Ban Pha Sert)
  9. Pong Phrabath Hot Spring (Ban Du)
updated Oct. 15, 2019  

No nonsense map to Khun Nam Nang Non National Forest

Khun Nam Nang Non National Forest map

How to reach Tham Luang - Khun Nam Nang Non National Forest .. by bus

  • from Chiang Rai Bus terminal 1
  • Take Green Bus or Blue Van to Mae Sai
  • get off Ban Jong
  • ride a motorcycle taxi
  • or take a walk 1.5 kilometers, these areas are residential area
  • from the entrance of Emerald Pond to the cave is less than 1 kilometer, there are Roth Song Thaew (a pick-up truck with two row seats) to take you to the cave


Driving your own vehicle

  • entrance at Price Chakraphan agriculture field the distance cave is 3 kilometers
  • or entrance at Wat Ban Jong


update January 21, 2020    

Travel ThamLuang With Public Transportation

ทางเข้าอุทยานแห่งชาติขุนน้ำนางนอน ถ้ำหลวง - ขุนน้ำนางนอน อ.แม่สาย จ.เชียงราย ถ้ำหลวง - ขุนน้ำนางนอน อ.แม่สาย จ.เชียงราย

Wat Ban Jong is the entrants to National Park from Highway 1

The distance from Highway 1 to the entrance of Khun Nam Namg Non is 1.5 kilometers. there are motor cycle service to take you there for 10 baht

The distance from the entrance of National forest to the entrnce of the cave approximately 1 kilometer, there are Roth Song Thaew to take you for 20 baht, there are free tram ride from entrance of the cave to the cave.

there are another entrance approximately 1 km. further north from Ban Jong entrance, this entrance is directly to the entrance of the cave but not recommend for travelers without vehicle

More Ways to get You There

Free service from Central Plaza This shuttle service is free service provide by Central Plaza shopping Central shuttle service Central shuttle service route 1 Central shuttle service route 2Central shuttle service route 3

Roth Song Thaew to Wat Rong Khun

Roth Song Thaew to Wat Rong Khun

This blue pickup (Roth Song Thaew) serving Chiang Rai - Phan district travel on highway 1 past Wat Rong Khun

stations at the front of Tesaban Market 1 (fresh produce market)



Public Bus Route


Map travel Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai public transportation take you places, some of the buses may looks old and near crumble, but, it will take you there. The new buses being replace the old one (very slowly)

Roth Song Thaew (pickup with two row seats) help fill the gap where the bus didn't go


Bus Route

green bus line

Green bus

Chiang Rai - Mae Sai

Chiang Rai - Chiang Saen

lightblue bus line

Light blue

Chiang Rai - Toeng

Chiang Rai - Phan - Wiang Pa Pao

red (pink) bus line


Chiang Rai - Phya Mengrai


city bus line

City bus

Chiang Rai Airport - Bus station 1 - Bus station 2

update Nov.13, 62

1. Baan Dam (Black House) 12.5 km. from King Mengrai Monument .. take a green busline .. get off Moo Ban Mae Puka (Baandam Museum) app. 1 km. walking distance
2. Ratchaphat University
3. Chiang Rai Airport
4. Government Center
5. Wat Huay Pla Kung
6. Wat Rong Suaten - 2.5 km. from King Menrai Monument .. take a Green bus or Rod Song Taew .. get off Mae Kok Rd. (Thanon Mae Kok)
7. King Mengrai Monument
8. Bus terminal 1 / Night Bazaar
19. Chiang Rai Hospital
10. Overbrook Hospital
11. Chiang Rai Inter. Hospital
12. Kasemrat Sriburin Hospital
13. Bus Terminal 2
14. Wat Rong Khun - 13 km. from King Mengrai Monument .. take a lightblue busline or Rod SongTaew (to Phan district)
15. Wat Phra Kaew
16. The Clock Tower
17. The ArtBridge Chiangrai
18. Wat Phra Singh
19. Bangkok Hospital (Chiang Rai)

Bus Route - Accommodations

Chiang Rai Citu bus line - 6 update Feb.24,2020

1. Chiang Rai Airport
2. Government center *
A. District office
B. Administrative office -
Immigration office -
Thai Passport Service
C. Mae Sai Plant Quarantine Station
D. Dep. of Rural Highway
E. Department of Transport
3. Wat Rong Suaten
4. King Mengrai Monument
5. Overbrook Hospital
6. Bus Tation 1 - Night Bazaar
7. Chiang Rai Hospital
8. Chiang Rai Inter. Hospital
9. Central Plaza
10. Bus station 2

H - Hotel
HT - Hostel
APT - Room for rent . daily / monthly
G - Guesthouse


APT1 - Chat Resident ** 05.374.7231-2
APT2 - Memory Resident ** 05.374.7250
APT3 - ** B2
APT4 - **

H1 -
H2 - Baan Lanna ** 05.371.2555
H3 - Laksawan resort ***
H4 -
H5 - Laksawan boutique **
H6 - Wiang Inn Riverside ***
H7 - (Dusit ) ****
H8 -
H9 - Thyanya ** ** 05.375.448
H10 - Nak Nakla *** 05.371.7700-3
H11 - Chiang Rai ** 05.371.1266
H12 - Golden Triangle *** 05.371.1339
H13 - Le Patta ****
H14 - Spinomad
H15 - Wang Come *** 05.371.3841 – 8
H16 - (under renovate)
H17 - Sann ***
H18 - (Diamond Park)
H19 - Wiang Inn ***
H20 -
H21 -
H22 -
H23 - Golden Land **
H24 - Ariya **
H25 - Amorn Inn ** **  05.375.6041
H26 - Sabai Inn ** 05.375.6600-1
H27 -
H28 -
H29 - Ruen Tip *** 05.371.983
H30 - Inn Come ***
H31 - The Mantrini ****
H32 - Grand Vista **** 05.374.6053
H33 - Piman Inn **
H34 - (Sport Inn) ** 05.375.6733
H35 - (Little Duck) ***
H36 - Grand Room ***
H37 - Hop Inn ***

City Bus Route


Chiang Rai city busCity Bus Schedule : Every 30 minutes;
First trip at the Airport 06:20
Last trip (33) 22:30
Fare; 20 baht

Chiang Rai City Bux 1. Chiang Rai Airport
2. Government Center
  • A. District Office
  • B. Administration Office - Immigration Office - Thai Passport Service
  • C.
  • D. Dept. of Rural Highway
  • E. Dept. of Transportation

3. King Mengrai Monument
4. Overbrook Hospital
5. Fresh produce market
6. Bus Terminal 1 - Night Bazaar
7. Chiang Rai Hospital
8. Chiang Rai International Hospital
9. Central Plaza
10. Bus Terminal 2

City Bus Route: Chiang Rai City Bus serving Chiang Rai International Airport, Muang district and two bus terminals

  • Chiang Rai International Airport
  • Government Center (Provincial Administration, District office, Municipal School 6)
  • Kulpan Ville intersection
  • Sport arena center
  • King Menrai Statue iintersection
  • Api Square
  • Chiang Rai Forest office
  • Police Station, Chiang Rai Court
  • Bus terminal 1
  • Mo Pira iintersection
  • Central Plaza
  • Mae Korn intersection
  • Bus terminal 2

Where are the City Bus stops?

At the Airport - located in the area of the north side of the building, or the area near the entrance door for departure,

At the bus terminal 1 and 2 - park inside the bus terminal

From bus terminal 1 to the airport took approximately 30 minutes in the light traffic hours, approximately an hour during heavy traffic hours or the morning hours before 9 A.M. evening hours 4 - 6 P.M.

Currently the City Bus are in the trial period, the buses are small with only 20 seats and a small area for luggage and belongings, it wouldn't be enough in the  near future when tourism and border economic expanding

Map - Chiang Rai City Bus route

New bus terminal 1

อาคารสถานีขนส่ง 1 อาคารสถานีขนส่ง 1

The new bus terminal 1 locate on Prasopluk Rd.

The new bus terminal 1 has 4 floors, 3 top floors for parking, ground floor for office and bus depot

public transportation in Chiang Rai

travel within inner district  
Sam Lor

Sam Lor

Chiang Rai still had Sam Lor about 120 of them for travel within the inner city, have a ride for fun

The fare - negotiate


Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk

For a short trip within the district

The fare - negotiate


รถสองแถว เขตเมืองเชียงราย

Roth Songthaew (pickup truck with two row leats)

The blue color for travel within the district,, the red (or dark red) for travel between district

standard fare set by the Transport office

short trip with in the district 15 - 25 บาท


travel between districts เส้นทางรถเมล์ ตามสีรถ
new bus terminal

The Green bus (or the green tripe)

Serving Northern part, such as Mae Chan, Mae Sai or Chiang Saen

standard fare set by the Transport office

the bus park in the bus terminal 1

the bus also pickup or let passengers get-off between the trip

สถานีขนส่ง 1

Red (or pink)

Serving the Eastern part, such as Phya Mengrai or Toeng district

standard fare set by the Transport office

the bus park in the bus terminal 1

the bus also pickup or let passengers get-off between the trip


Light Blue (or blue)

Serving the Southern, such as Phan, Wiang Pa Pao district

standard fare set by the Transport office

the bus park in the bus terminal 1

the bus also pickup or let passengers get-off between the trip


The Blue Van

This Blue Van serving Chiang Rai Muang district and Mae Sai , iti is ioperate by The Green Bus co.

standard fare set by the Transport office

the bus park in the bus terminal 1

the bus also pickup or let passengers get-off between the trip

New Taxi January 2018


Taxi OK in Chiang Rai

Like Taxi OK in Bangkok the taxi service will ensure better service, fare price and help ensure safety for both passenger and the driver

But, sometime Taxi OK is not OK if the taxi driver not using meter that reqiuire by law


Travel to Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai does not have railroad (atlease not yet) There are two choice for traveling to Chiang Rai, by Airline or by Bus


Air Asia fly from Don Muang Airport (domestic) phone 05.379.3545, 05.379.8275

Bangkok Airways fly from Suvarnaphumi International Airport 1771

Nok Air fly from Don Muang Airport (domestic) phone 1318,

Thai Airways fly from Suvarnaphumi International Airport phone 05.271.1179, 371.5207, 371.5734

Viet Jet fly from Suvanabhumi 02.089.1929

Mae Fah Luang Chiang Rai International Airport phone 05.379.3048 Located 9 Km. north of King Meng Rai statue on highway 5023 or highway 1

map map to airport

Travel out of Chiang Rai airport go to taxi service at the counter inside airport or call 05.377.3477

or take City Bus to Chiang Rai Muang district or Bus terminal 1 or 2

Airline passengers; Chiang Rai International Airport, phone 05.379.8000



Travel by bus - from Bangkok go to Mochit Bus terminal - for information contact The Department of Land Transport

Alternatively, you can also go directly to the bus company , or contact the bust company for advance booking

"Siam First Tour" no longer in service

"Saombat tour" 23/21 Soi Vibhavadi 11-13, Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 phone 02.792.1444

อู่ "นครชัยแอร์" โทร 02.939.4999

currency exchange

Thailand weather

emergency phone

currency exchange rate from central bank

  • Emergency 191 / 1190
  • Stolen car 1192
  • Byway Police 1193
  • Water way accident 1196
  • Traffic information 1197
  • Rescue unit 1154
  • Tourist Police 1155
  • Traffic route information 1543
  • Narenthorn emergency health 1669
  • Accident report - Police hospital 1691
currency exchange from central bank กรมอุตุนิยมวิทยาฯ  
new banknote currency exchange  

currency exchange

Commercial bank fight back "Super Rich" and other currency exchange that gave higher exchange rates than the bank

In the areas such as Airport rail link station or near by tourists destination the exchange rates may be very competitively

distinctive of new banknote this "Super Rich" located on Prasopsuk Rd. about 100 meters east of bus terminal 1  
using debit card    
Using debit card to withdraw cash from ATM in Thailand could be tricky, will you accepts the bank conversion rate or the rate of your debit card We found the the conversion rate of ATM machine much lower than the exchange rate in the money market most of the time, the choice is yours ATM of this bank play little tricks, after we choose not to accepted their suggested rate the machine ask for re-enter the Pin No. again with the words that said you had accepted the bank's conversion rateม as the picture below we've lost 2 baht foreach dollar
ATM awareness ATM awareness ATM awareness
you must agreed the fee of 220 Baht before the machine continue select exchange rates : the bank suggested rate or continue without (the rate will upon money market) (this picture of receipt not from the same bank of the picture on the left)
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